Diffuser Care

Scent A Peace diffusers are hand poured with great care to ensure maximum

quality fragrance.  Our 100ml diffusers should last up to 12 weeks.

They delicately fragrance your room creating a pleasant relaxing environment.

We advise to turn the reeds every 10/12 days, this helps to maintain the diffusion process and prevent clogging.

Diffuser Warning

Do not ingest oil or put reeds in your mouth.

Keep away from polished surfaces as it may damage them.

Wipe any residual oil from the container before placing it down.

Always place the bottle on a level surface.

Do not attempt to light the reeds.

Keep the reeds away from naked flames.

Keep away from children and pets.

In the event of skin or eye contact rinse thoroughly with water.

If irritation occurs seek medical advice.

In some cases diffuser oil may be harmful to aquatic life.

Dispose of remains of oil to local regulations.

Always read warning label on the base prior to use.